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Honestly, I just wanted one little bunny; what I found was a new hobby!

Feel free to follow along as I learn to negotiate this new world of showing and breeding Netherland Dwarf & Rhinelander rabbits.

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Endings and beginnings

All but one of our Rhinelanders have now moved on to new homes.  We still have one sport marked doe with blue genetics.  She is a friendly little girl with good type so far.

As for the Netherland Dwarf rabbits, the next few weeks will see changes there as well.  I am scaling back to only a few favorites so I can focus on raising rare breeds of chicken.  Too bad there are only so many hours in the day.

The website will be updated with pictures of the sale rabbits and all can be delivered to the RRBA show in December.  I have a few promising youngsters I'm just not ready to part with and want to see how they do on the show table.

The FB page will also not be updated as some of you may already have noticed.  Just too much to do and too little time to do it all in.  With the holiday season fast approaching (can you believe it is October 1 already!) many of you will be preparing your bunnies for the shows.  Hope to see some of you in December.

And...happy haunting at Halloween!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Herd Reduction SALE

I can't believe it's already the middle of June!  Where has the time flown?  

Our youngest child has finally graduated high school which means we are now officially entering the empty nest stage of life.   Empty human nest that is.   The bunnies are doing what bunnies do so well.  I currently have three full Netherland nests full and one Rhinelander nest approaching weaning.   Since we are also shifting our focus to moving the farm business to self-sustainability, I won't have the time or funds available for traveling to shows for the next year or so.   With this in mind, I have made the difficult decision to reduce our bunny herd to fewer Netherland Dwarf rabbits and eliminate the Rhinelanders altogether.   It wasn't an easy choice as I love my Rhinelanders so much.  They are such friendly rabbits, but there are too few in our area to make much of a showing at our local shows.   I am especially sad to let my "foundation" buck Max go.  The judge who awarded him BOB over five other rabbits really liked him.  Unfortunately, five isn't enough for a leg...and that was the most I've ever seen at our December show.

All of our sale rabbits will be posted on the website.   Prices are rock bottom, so this is a great opportunity to get some nice foundation and brood stock.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

First Snow

I've been trying to get updated pictures of the bunnies for what seems like ages.  Every time the weather is nice, I've been busy with other things that take me away from home; and when I'm home, the weather has been uncooperative.   Today was no different - overcast, blustery with the threat of snow, and then...a brief downpour of snow.  

Since I couldn't take outside photos, I decided to visit with the rabbits in their shelter.   Here are a few pictures of the growing little ones.

Ceilidh and her litter are first.   The two broken chestnut kits will be available for purchase at the RRBA show on March 24th.

from front to back - Broken Chestnut kit 1, Broken Chestnut kit 2, Black kit and Ceilidh

Broken Chestnut Kit 1 -- closeup

"Me, ooohh Me!  Take My Picture!"

Ella's kits did their share of mugging for  the camera too.   All but the VM chestnut will be for sale.

From L-R Blue kit, Opal kit, VM Chestnut, REW
Hopefully tomorrow will bring sunshine and less moisture so I can take all new photos!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Arrivals!

We had three dwarf litters arrive last week; Ella, Ceilidh and Ruby each gave us some beautiful babies.

Ella's litter, sired by Stirling, contains a self blue kit, an opal kit, a REW (or BEW) kit and a Vienna marked chestnut kit.  I can't wait until their eyes open so I can see what I really have.   Since I am not breeding for Blue Eye White rabbits, Ella will be for sale along with the Vienna marked chestnut kit at weaning.  The others will be evaluated based on eye color, nail color and overall type.  I may keep one or two if they are does.  Here is a picture of Ella's babies.

Blue, VM Chestnut, Opal and REW (or BEW)

Ceilidh's litter, sired by Roger, is composed mostly of broken kits.   I am keeping the broken black kit for further evaluation and offering the others for sale.   Here is a picture of this adorable litter.

Black, Broken Black, Two Broken Chestnut kits

Ruby's litter, sired by Star, is the most promising for my breeding program.   It looks like we have two chinchillas and a broken black silver marten.  I will be keeping all of these kits for future evaluation.

We also have four Rhinelander kits in need of new homes.   Pictures and prices can be found on the website www.2dconeyrey.webs.com  and many will be available at the Powhatan Chicken Swap on Saturday, March 31, 2012.

Oh yeah, almost forgot.  I am so done with this crazy warm, cold, warm, cold, freezing weather...BRING on SPRING!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Show Results

Finally beginning to recover from the RRBA show yesterday.  Boy, what a day!   The show secretaries worked hard to make everything come together at this new location, with the addition of a cavy show, and in spite of a food vendor that never showed up.   Even with the food fiasco it was a nice show.   We had a lot of foot traffic from other events going on at the same venue - a liquidation sale and a bead show.   Quite a few people participated in the raffle for goodies and bunnies.  I donated MB's Edward and 2d's Aramis who were won by one youth, and Clover Patch Tammy, who was won by an adult.  

As for how my bunnies did, well, it was mixed results.  In Show A, Max won Best of Variety and Best of Breed with five Rhinelanders showing. Judge Chris Howell liked his masculine head, overall balance in color, very nice type and good condition.  He felt the butterfly was not as nice as the doe who placed best opposite (a lovely girl!) and his spine base a little "dirty."    Max's son, Suss placed first in as Jr Buck, but he as the only one in the class.  Overall I was thrilled to see two other RH exhibitors!

For the Netherlands, it was a bit more challenging as usual.  Some fantastic competition.   I was very proud of d'Artagnan's third place --- out of seven.  Judge Sue Rice loved his type, said he has a promising head, good condition and color but he was beat out on ears by the top two Jr. bucks.   And they were REALLY nice bucks.  Jazz was my ND thrill of the day - he won Best of Variety.

Another lesson learned --- it's not a good idea to put a white rabbit in a brand new carrier with galvanized wire.   When I went to pull my nosey boy Jack for his class, he looked like a pitiful example of a himi with pale gray schmutz on his nose.   The hubby and I wiped it off as best we could, but I can't help thinking that's why he placed last in his class.  Sigh.

 At the end of the day, it was an even exchange....I donated/sold four bunnies and purchased four more.   Yes, it's rabbit math...they multiply!    Below are some pictures of the day; the new bunnies will be added to the website.

My bunnies stacked and ready for show! 

This young lady was determined to have her bunny shine.

Raffle tables

Lots of exhibitors and lots of spectators

From the back of the showroom near the Secretary's table looking toward the entrance.

A lovely group of Himilayan rabbits.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

What are you thankful for?

Among other things, I am thankful for Maddy's new family!   She had a litter of seven kits born 11-13-11.   I am so excited about this litter.   There are two sports, one charlie and four marked.  Of the marked kits, one has a break in the spine marking (the baby at the top of the photo below) so it will be available as a beautiful pet.  A second kit, the one on the lowest right, appears to have very light markings and will also be available as a pet.  The other two (in the center of the pile and nearest the hand) look promising so far; we'll have to wait and see how they develop.  I am also keeping one of the sports if it is a doe.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! And I hope to see you at the Richmond Rabbit Breeders show on December 10th. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blues Rule at Convention!

Blue Rhinelanders are finally an official variety!  Lorena's rabbits passed the third inspection at convention.
In Netherland Dwarf rabbits the Blue Tort passed as well.   Congrats to Donnelle Bomben!

I am so excited about both of the blue varieties and hope to have some ready to show in the spring.